We start off the year as tradition dictates, with our annual Best of The Voice Magazine. I’ve chosen for you various articles from through-out the year that I think best represent what the Voice was about during 2013. To aid me in this, many of the writers gave suggestions for what they thought were their own best articles, and even a few readers suggested articles they thought were deserving of the honor.

This year, I’ve tried to provide a little bit of information as to why each article was selected. You’ll find issues close to home, and explorations of far away. A review, a comic, an editorial, articles that give us questions or make us see from another point of view, even if just for a few seconds, are all part of what makes The Voice Magazine what it is for AU students.

This year, I hope to bring not only more like these ones but also more articles that will resonate specifically with us as AU students. We’re a community of students scattered across the globe with amazing variety and diversity, but what we all have in common is the hunger to expand our minds and abilities, and the desire to do so without having to bow down before the typical restrictions to location, personal situation, or availability that is required at a bricks and mortar institution. We are willing and able to pursue and take responsibility for our education on our own terms, at our own pace. This strikes me as something rather amazing, and certainly something that we should celebrate more often.

That said, all that is coming up. What we have for you now is, ultimately, my selection for the Best of the Voice Magazine for 2013. If you disagree with my choices, or think that there’s some article that really should have been included, by all means, write and let me know. I’m always willing to publish a letter to the editor, so what better way could there be to make sure that some article or author you’ve seen gets more attention.

P.S. I’m still waiting for the winner of our Voice Reader Survey to get back to me. If you have a gmail account that you’ve used to contact AUSU in the past, or that is on file with AUSU now, please double-check to make sure my “A Winner is You!” email didn’t get pushed to the spam pile.