From Where I Sit – The Reality of Routine

During the break between Christmas and New Year’s, I goofed off. Our long-awaited Boxing Day trip to our son’s cabin on the shore of Lesser Slave Lake was scuttled.

On Christmas Eve, Roy felt sick, or at least, not well. He was lucky enough to slip into the walk-in clinic and find it deserted. A quick examination showed no infection, but there was a collection of fluid in each inner ear. A sample bottle of nasal spray was to be the answer; along with the warning that it could take weeks to clear. Uh, that’s not good when you hear constant humming and your balance is off. A few rounds of puking the night of the twenty-fifth had us reconsidering joining the kids. The atrocious weather sealed the deal.

Being housebound in what felt like an old-fashioned blizzard from my youth, we vegged. Roy actually found relief in some home remedies I found on the Internet. Still he spent hours lying in bed because when You’re prone the dizziness is masked and manageable.

As for me, one day I never got out of my pyjamas. I read the magazines that were piling up around the house. (I no longer save them thinking I’m going to refer to them again. I rip out the odd article instead. The intact ones are taken to the doctor’s office, nail and hair salons I frequent.) I also read Before I Wake, a Canadian bestseller, in a couple of days. So much better than reading in spurts and losing the storyline between stolen moments.

I watched several TV movies, many of questionable quality. I even watched the 1955 East of Eden starring James Dean. Talk about going back in time. In the month preceding Christmas I started a list of all the holiday movies available to us through our satellite package and regular peasant TV. It was a mind-numbing sixty-seven and I probably missed listing some.

I also put together an 11 x 37 inch jigsaw puzzle. It took two or three days of unblinking focus but I did it. Did you know It’s impossible to worry and do a puzzle at the same time?

My time was not totally wasted. I started working page by page through a manual for my MacBook Pro and scratching the surface of its potential. I began a skincare regime with my new Clarisconic cleansing thingamajig. You won’t believe my lovely skin. I cleared a path to the treadmill and powered it up! Organizing a drawer in the bathroom vanity felt good until I realized we have enough Band-Aids to patch up everyone in Andrew. I even worked on Babas and Borshch stuff though I really must keep it from overtaking my life again this year. Donating surplus Christmas d├ęcor made me smile.

Now I just need time to organize my jewelry making supplies and dream of an upcoming trip before the reality of routine comes rushing back, from where I sit.

Hazel Anaka’s first novel is Lucky Dog. Visit her website for more information or follow her on Twitter @anakawrites.