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At Home: Canada Hopes to Double International Students

The federal government recently announced a plan to attempt to double the number of international students attending Canadian post-secondary institutions by 2022. The Globe and Mail reports that International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced the plan on January 13, and that this doubling would mean that Canada would be hosting 450,000 international students.

Some critics are concerned that many universities simply do not have the capacity to educate this many foreign students while maintaining room for domestic students, especially with no new funding being directed toward the universities which will be have to educate all of these additional students.

Around the World: Police Watch Over Examinations in Egypt

Exams can be nerve-wracking for students at the best of times, but how much worse would it be if you lived in Egypt and had the police overseeing your examination? The University World News is reporting that, due to the massive unrest currently in Egypt, the “military-backed authorities have ordered police deployment on campuses to maintain order during the mid-year examinations that run until late January.” Some students there have been protesting the ousting of former president Mohamed Morsi, with some of these protests turning to violence.

This police presence overturns a previous injunction by Egyption courts on police presence on university grounds.

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