Click of the Wrist – Super Bowl Companion

This Sunday It’s all about the game. Whether You’re keen on sports, prefer the commercials, or just like the excuse to gorge on game day food, consider this your Super Bowl companion. Drag your laptop to the couch and click through these links while You’re waiting for the next play:

The Football Code
So maybe football commentators aren’t speaking in some secret code?but for many viewers, it certainly feels that way. Before the game begins, take a few minutes to reorient yourself with the NFL’s primer ?Beginner’s Guide to Football.? Alternatively, if you truly don’t care about the game, The Oatmeal’s take on football will give you a good laugh (and rile up your sports fan friends!).

Commercial Break
Super Bowl commercials are legendary for poignancy, outrageousness, and laugh-out-loud comedy. If you missed a good one when you got up to refill the chip bowl, catch up on the Super Bowl Commercials website. You can even search through the archives for your favourites from years gone by.

Snack Bar
For many of us, the real draw of Super Bowl Sunday is the food. The Food Network’s Big Game Bash is your go-to resource for game day snack and party ideas. From traditional favorites (50 recipes for chicken wings!) to snacks with a twist (spiked salsa, anyone?), You’re sure to find inspiration for your football feast. Vegetarian or looking for something off the beaten path? Living Green magazine’s recipes are vegan-friendly and sure to impress your guests.