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At Home: Law Societies Arguing about Faith Based Law School
Trinity Western University is proposing a law program that could split the law profession across the country, reports the Globe and Mail. At issue is the university’s policy against same-sex relations, in a time when issues surrounding equality are increasingly coming to litigation. In most provinces, law professors and practitioners are urging their provincial law society to reject any law degrees awarded by Trinity Western. If this happens, mobility agreements that law society’s have created over the past decades could be in peril.

Around the World: DeVry Educates US Olympic Team
The New York times is reporting that DeVry has landed 15 students on the US national Olympic team going to the Sochi games in Russia. This stems from a partnership signed in 2011 with the U.S. Olympic Committee. US Athletes gain free tuition and the flexible hours that allow them to continue their training from the deal, and DeVry gets news announcements and publicity. For institutions having to compete in a global online marketplace, this seems like an excellent strategy to not only gain publicity for the public, but also a large amount of good-will. Fortunately, Canada’s Olympic team has no such partnership already signed meaning that the same type of arrangement could be made to bring needed publicity and attention to Athabasca University. The question that remains is whether our university will take advantage of the opportunity before one of its online competitors does.

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