Click of the Wrist – Modern Calm

Stressed out? Of course you are! But if It’s our hectic modern lifestyle that generates much of our stress, It’s also thanks to modern technology and knowledge that we can calm ourselves down. This week’s links examine some ways science and technology can help us reduce stress and increase our personal sense of peace.


Need to de-stress? There’s an app for that! No, really?there is. These 10 ?digital meditation tools? range from guided meditations to, ?a full-screen video of waves crashing at sunset with a timer counting down for two minutes.? Download a few and stay grounded throughout your hectic day.

Ask the Scientist

Not all stress-busting techniques are high-tech?but that doesn’t mean they’re old wives? tales, either. This Huffington Post article offers 20 de-stressing techniques that are backed up by scientific studies, and some of them will surprise you. Taking a walk in nature is obviously relaxing, but did you know that chewing gum helps you deal with anxiety?


If you surf the web, you’ve probably come across something called ASMR?autonomous sensory meridian response. These ?intimate videos of whispering and tapping fingernails? generate physical sensations like tingling or a sense of relaxation and peace. Next time you feel stressed?or can’t sleep?try out a few of these techniques to calm yourself down.