Did You Know?

Your new AUSU Council has been elected and now consists of three incumbants: Jason Nixon, Kim Newsome, and Evan Schmidt; and six new councilllors: Megan Daigneault, Alexander Poulton, Shawna Wasylyshyn, Corrina Green, and Bonita Arbeau.

The Referendum for the proposed Student Health Care Plan passed with 95% approval. While only 288 students voted, the high approval rating means that this can be projected to be representative of the overall opinion of the student body with a high degree of confidence. And when considered as a percentage of AU’s full-load equivalent (that is, if all the courses taken at AU were taken by full time students, like at most universities) that’s about a 27% voting rate. Still not a stellar turn-out, but certainly a reasonable one. This means that the plan has been approved and will be moving forward, with the current date it is expected to come into operating being September 2014.

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