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At Home: Cheating as a Way of Life
CBC is reporting that, with more and more universities, including AU, using various online services to catch plagiarized papers, some people are now making a living by being paid to provide customized papers to students. One writer says he produces essays for more than 100 students per year and makes 30k annually, by using a library that is not yet known by anti-plagiarism software and somewhat customizing each paper.

While this kind of work is difficult for anti-plagiarism programs to detect, universities are increasingly keeping students papers for many years and if they detect cheating after the fact, can even cancel former students’ degrees.

Around the World: Girls in Pakistan Receive Sex Education
In the Guardian it is being reported that girls in Johi, Pakistan are starting to receive sex education in school once they turn eight years old. The education includes discussions around puberty, human rights, and how to defend themselves from attack. It also includes lessons on marital rape, which is a revolutionary idea as the practice itself is not illegal. Lessons are taught alongside more traditional subjects and parents are informed about the curriculum before their daughters enrol. So far, none have objected and the school has faced no opposition, which is markedly different from the experience of sex education being put in place here in Alberta.