Click of the Wrist – Grammarmania

Happy National Grammar Day! Think grammatical fanaticism is only for stuffy editors and professors? Before you answer, be sure to check out this sampling of grammar-related humor. From noirish mystery to crazy comedy, these links show that grammatical humor is fun for everyone.

For the past few years, Baltimore Sun columnist John McIntyre has celebrated National Grammar Day by publishing a new edition of his serial Grammarnoir?humor, mystery, and suspense with a grammatical twist. With grammatical jokes and lines like ?He crept in, giving off the smell of trouble like the syntax of a freshman essay,? It’s sure to amuse editors, readers, and English students alike.

Comic Relief
For off-the-wall comedy, It’s hard to beat the Oatmeal’s creator, Matthew Inman. Fortunately, in addition to being a great comedian and graphic artist, Inman’s also keen on good grammar, syntax, and usage. His grammar-themed comics will amuse, offend, and?hopefully?educate.

Online Gaffes
If you enjoy?or love to hate?watching grammatical trainwrecks unfold on popular media sites, be sure to check out the Terribly Write blog, which posts clips of inconsistent punctuation, usage errors, grammatical no-nos, and other cringe-worthy linguistic abuses.

Meme Me
If social media-style memes are your thing, Buzzfeed’s grammar nerd-friendly jokes will give you a laugh. Just don’t make punctuation errors when you share them!