Did You Know? – Employment Standards Review

The Alberta employment standards department (Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour) now being lead by Minister Thomas Lukaszuk, who was responsible for championing massive cuts to the post-secondary institution system that, two years later, have not been fully returned to the instituions even during a time of supposed surplus in Alberta, is now working on an update to the legislation regarding the standards. One of the things they are at least paying lip service to is the changing demographic of working people in Alberta. The government is offering a survey to obtain public input into the changes.

Many of the questions in this survey are directly relevant to AUSU students; many of AU’s new grads are ?non-traditional? students for one reason or another: often because they are graduating at an older age or have been out of the workforce. The survey also addresses internship practices. With universities being increasing urged to match training with industry requirements, the results of this survey could be very relevant to future university studies.
The survey will be available here until April 11th.