Click of the Wrist – How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s spring?according to the calendar, that is. But though real spring weather might still be a few weeks away, It’s hard to shake off thoughts of fresh air, sunshine, and gardening. This week’s links will help you plan your gardening season while you wait for the snow to melt and the warm winds to start blowing.

Colours of the Wind
Flower gardening’s as much about personal style as it is about natural beauty. Whether you want your garden to match your personality or You’re hoping to make a particular statement, this Canadian Gardening article explains what the different flower colour palettes might say about you.

Watch the Signs
The science of phenology, according to the USA National Phenology Network, studies ?key seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year . . . especially their timing and relationship with weather and climate.? Phenology data, though, relies on observations not just from scientists but from observers everywhere. The USANPN’s Nature’s Notebook program is seeking observers to help keep its data current; visit the link to sign up.

An App for That
No, really?there is. In fact, tech and social media are transforming gardening and farming. The main link gives an overview of gardening apps for the iPad; if You’re an Android type, check out these apps and get your garden plan going!