Editorial – Subscriptions and E-mail

Are you subscribed to The Voice Magazine‘s mailing list? If so, you may be wondering why you haven’t received an email lately. Part of the ongoing upgrades to The Voice Magazine‘s website has moved us to a new email server, but unfortunately, the new one has its own problems, and some of you may have noticed you’re not getting you’re weekly update for when The Voice Magazine comes out.

Obviously this needs to be fixed, and some of you have already received an email from me about the situation. If you haven’t, and you’re on our subscriber list, then expect to get one over the next few days making sure that your email address is good, and, more importantly, that you want to be on it. (If you’re wondering why it’ll take a few days, it’s because we’ve determined the problem we’re having is that when we mail them all out at once, many servers think we’re just sending spam, so I have to send them out individually.) Once that’s done, the subscription list will be moved to MailChimp, a company that is used by AUSU and a lot of companies because it has a good track record of not only making sure it doesn’t get used for spam e-mail, but also for keeping its information secure. This will be happening very soon, because we recently discovered that our subscription sign-up isn’t working right now either. Fortunately, MailChimp will address that issue as well.

In other news, the UN has declared that today, March 21, is world poetry day, and it is in the spirit of that that The Voice Magazine is happy to present a set of Haikus from Barbara Lehtiniemi about life at AU. You’ll find the best ones scattered about the pdf version of The Voice Magazine, but if you want to see all of them, check out the “Haiku for AU” article on the website.

Also this week, you’ll find articles on how to improve your reading speed, dealing with fears by simulating exposure, and our always helpful Writer’s Toolbox continues exploring how to use (and just as importantly, how to not use) an apostrophe in your writing. Then, The Mindful Bard reviews a book on the meaning behind Palestinian music, Dear Barb provides an outside look at some tricky situations, and Chazz Bravado gives us a lesson in how to talk to women. That plus other bits and pieces through-out The Voice Magazine should give you some good procrastination material.

But what I’m really excited about is what’s coming up. Our new logo is now proudly displayed on our facebook page, and starting next week we will be running a weekly column, “Meeting the Minds”, where we’ll have interviews with various tutors, academic experts, and faculty members from AU. We have marathon runners and badminton players, moms and grandfathers, you may be surprised to find that the people teaching you at AU are as varied as the students!