Click of the Wrist – Taking a Stand

When the weather finally takes a turn for the better, we start feeling antsy about being cooped up indoors. On the other hand, how to balance the need to move with the need to stay focused on work or school? Standing desks are starting to trend again, and not only do they help keep users from the negative health effects of sitting, but they also have been shown to help focus. Take a step (stand?) in the right direction and learn more:

History in the Making

Standing desks?and the recognition of the health risks of sedentary jobs?have been around for centuries. This brief history outlines the development of the office job and the parallel rise of the mobile workplace (and how technological trends may change the game).

A Reason to Stand

This Health@Google talk explains exactly why a sedentary lifestyle is so detrimental to the human body. An hour long, but well worth the time, it offers many options for workplace mobility (and it could save your life someday).

Easy Hack

You can buy a standing desk for hundreds of dollars from specialty online sellers?or you can put together a DIY version for less than $30. This one, made from $22 worth of pieces from IKEA, is functional and uncomplicated (be sure to read through the comments for mods and hacks).

Better Focus

Sitting may be traditional, but It’s not necessarily better. This New York Times article profiles schools that have implemented non-traditional desk and seating arrangements. The results: happier, more productive students. It’s time to take a stand!