Editorial – Bleeding Hearts and The Voice Magazine

Right before tax day and news of a new security vulnerability has taken down many public government websites. The Heartbleed vulnerability, if you haven’t heard about it, allows a snooper to hack in and view unencrypted traffic on a server That’s supposed to be encrypted. With a bit of luck, the hacker could even get the keys to the encryption, which would open up pretty much everything else.

Web security guys across the world had a bit of a heart attack when the news came out, but That’s not why It’s called the Heartbleed vulnerability. That has something to do with the way the encryption protocol pumps out its data. Regardless, It’s caused numerous sites to go down as security experts take steps to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, those upgrades can cause some harm to older sites. Like The Voice Magazine. If You’re one of the people who use the website to read the Voice Magazine, you’ll quickly find that no articles display. That’s because the security we used to make sure hackers can’t inject stuff into the database is quite old, and the upgrades that Heartbleed prompted our service provider to put in place broke our old scripts. All the old articles are still there, so don’t worry that we’ve lost our entire archive, It’s just we can’t see them through the web.

we’re working on it now, but currently have absolutely no ETA on when the fixes will be done. [edit: Article display is now fixed on the website, but not article entry](edit2: Holy moly! We’re fully up and running now, folks! Congrats and thanks to AUSU’s hard working staff for getting this fixed up.) Until then, please enjoy the PDF version of the Voice. It has a few graphical flourishes which you won’t find on our website, is fully linked, and if you haven’t used it before, you can get back to the table of contents by clicking in the bottom right corner of any page, and every article in The Voice Magazine pdf is linked in the table of contents. So It’s pretty darn close to browsing the web anyway.

Speaking of those articles, this week we have an interview with Dr. Jim Brophy, tutor of Sociology 348, Environmental Justice issues. Having been interviewed on CTV’s 16×9 investigative journalism program, and with over 25000 downloads of an article on environmental/occupational causes of breast cancer, he’s a tutor who’s actively engaged both in his teaching and in the environment that he teaches.

Also, if you haven’t already sent in your taxes, you also may want to check out this week’s Did You Know?it could save you a few extra bucks. In addition, we have pieces on suspended animation, the origin of words, the destiny of human connections, helpful exam and note-taking tips, and of course reviews, news, interviews, advice, and even a comic to view.

So, welcome to The Voice Magazine’s pdf, sit back and scroll through.

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