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At Home: First Nations Education Bill Tabled
CBC is reporting on the First Nations Education Bill that has been tabled by the federal government. While the bill contains some steps toward addressing First Nations’ concerns, some critics of the bill still say that it leaves ultimate power for First Nations education in the hands of the Federal Government, not with the First Nations as they say federal treaties require.

Around the Globe: International Student STEM Enrolments Down in UK
A House of Lords report has called it an “unwelcoming UK”, according to The Guardian, with international student enrolments into STEM courses having dropped by more than 10% in the past ten years. The report cites complicated immigration rules, expensive visas, and insufficient time to seek work after study. The UK Home Office disputes the report, saying that there is no clear evidence to support their argument as to why enrolments have dropped. Regardless of the reasons, the drop in international STEM course enrolments has not stopped the overall number of STEM students in the UK from being at an all-time high.