Click of the Wrist – Where There’s a Will.

This past week we celebrated William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. It’s easy to find hundreds of resources geared toward those keen on researching and understanding the influential man’s work, but there’s also plenty of fun for those who are rusty or reluctant. Click through these links to discover a side of Shakespeare you might not have known:

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

If you prefer your reading to be bite-sized?as in 140 characters or less?@IAM_SHAKESPEARE tweets Shakespeare’s plays, a line at a time, every 10 minutes. Started years ago, the project’s on its third run-through of the Bard’s complete works.

The Word

Even if high school English class made you swear off Shakespeare forever, your everyday speech is still influenced by the Bard.’s “10 Words You Won’t Believe Shakespeare Invented” is true to its name.

Cream Faced Loon

Still not convinced of the merits of Shakespearean study? Just take a look at this infographic of the top Shakespearean insults (and if You’re curious, read the full insults?some as long as a whole verse?here).