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At Home: Secret Deals cost University of Windsor $24 million Lawsuit
CBC is reporting that Higher-Edge, a company that handles international student recruitment for various universities, is suing the University of Windsor for starting up a competing recruitment company after poaching Higher-Edge employees, and in violation of the contract between them.

The University of Windsor has worked with Higher-Edge for a number of years, with the most recent contract being dated from 2008 to 2013, and in its years with the University of Windsor, has recruited over 6,000 students to the instituation, bringing in revenues of approximately 400 million dollars.

The suit claims that the University of Windsor staff had meetings with Higher-Edge employees to get them to create a company to compete with Higher-Edge, and approved the newly created company as an agent for student recruitment in India for the University, violating terms of their contract which indicated that the university “would not work with any one of our staff members for the balance of the contract and one year after that,” according to Higher-Edge owner, Mel Broitman.

The University of Windsor has said it is preparing a statement of defence which will vigorously deny the claims of Higher-Edge.

Around the Globe: 55 Colleges under Investigation for Sexual Assaults
The US government has released the complete list of schools, colleges, and universities that are under investigation for how they handle sexual abuse complaints according to Global News. The list has some 55 institutions names, including Princeton, Harvard, Florida State, and Penn State.

However, the government was also quick to point out that being on the list does not mean that the institution has violated the law. And some schools on the list, such as Dartmouth, have said that they started working on improvements to their own policies when a compliance review prompted a more formal investigation.

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