Click of the Wrist – Oscars in May

The Academy Awards were handed out months ago, and now we’re gearing up for summer blockbuster season. But did you know that the first Academy Awards were held in May, back in 1929? Click through this week’s links for a look at Oscar history.

Do Your Research
Need to know who was awarded Best Supporting Actor in 1975? Curious about how many times Steven Spielberg was nominated for an Oscar? The Official Academy Awards Database is a good starting point for your research. AMC’s Filmsite is another good resource, particularly its decade-at-a-glance listings and summaries.

Best Dressed
Some watch the Oscars out of love for film, but fashion mavens and trendsetters focus on the dresses. Oscar fashion has created both trends and iconic classics?and plucked a few lesser known actors out of obscurity. Watch this Time video for a look at the Oscar gowns that changed fashion history.

One of the biggest upsets in Oscar history occurred in 1946, when The Best Years of Our Lives actor Harold J. Russell won two Academy Awards for the same performance?one a ?special? award for his wartime work and one the Best Actor award that the Academy members allegedly didn’t believe he had a chance to win due to his inexperience. Decades later he sold one of the Oscar statues to pay his medical bills, but he has no regrets. This Boston Globe article has some great perspectives from an interesting man.

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