Did You Know – CRTC Looking for Input

The Canadian Radio-televistion and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is looking for public input on their new plans for television regulation. Input will be taken unti June 25th at this link. What they are looking for input into is their new plan to force broadcasters to allow us to purchase individual channels from broadcasters. Aside from a local-content bundle that would be provided as a basic service, all programming would be available on a pick-and-pay basis. Companies would still be allowed to create pre-made bundles, but they would no longer be able to force you to buy a whole bundle of channels you don’t want to get the one that you do.

They are also looking for ideas as to how to best implement this system in a way that gives us the maximum amount of choice without unduly affecting the quality or the amount of content that we can receive. The background information on the site is, unfortunately, quite long and dense, but if you’re interested in making our Canadian television service better, this could be your chance to make a difference.

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