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At Home: University of Saskatchewan President Fired
The University of Saskatchewan has been in the news quite a bit lately, first for firing tenured professor Robert Buckingham for being critical of the university administration’s plan to restructure the institution to save it money. Widespread media attention and public outcry quickly had the university re-hire him, re-establish tenure, and declare that the firing was only supposed to be from his administrative role in the university, not a rejection of his tenure.

Less than a week later, the President of the university, Ilene Busch-Vishniac, has been fired by the Board of Governors only two years into her five-year term. It is expected that she will receive a $450,000 severance package

Around the Globe: Australia De-regulates Tuition, Cuts Contribution
In the PIE news, they are reporting that Australia has recently passed a budget which cuts public support for university courses by 20%, and fully de-regulates tuition. The Australian National University vice-chancellor, Ian Young, predicts that the average student fee will increase by 30% to make up for the cuts that have been imposed, as reported in The Australian. Which means that even as things are with the Alberta government and AU, It’s sometimes nice to realize that they could have been even worse. Universities welcome the change, as they say it will allow them to better compete for the best instructors and educational opportunities.