Click of the Wrist – Motivated Much?

How to get all that coursework done by 2016? How to keep the budget balanced this year? How to lose those five pounds before summer starts? we’re told that if we just motivate ourselves, we’ll be on the way to reaching our goals. But It’s not always that simple, is it? This week’s links take a closer look at the science and psychology behind motivation.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

What’s more motivating?fear or praise? Experts disagree, but this Psychology Today article explains why both have their value.

Short Term

Motivation can be fickle?we start out all fired up, then fizzle quickly as time passes. This Huffington Post blog piece argues that motivation really only works in the short term, and that changing our beliefs will be a lot more successful in helping us achieve our goals.

App for That

Productivity apps abound?a simple Google search will turn up lists aplenty. But who do they work best for, and why? This fascinating article and video explain gamification, the process of turning real-life situations and problems into games. If You’re interested in digging deeper, be sure to check out this course on gamification as well, freely available from Coursera.