Click of the Wrist – Idle Hands

We use them every day for nearly everything we do?yet rarely give a second thought to those marvellous instruments of ours. I’m talking about hands, those appendages that can hoist a sledgehammer, dry a tear, or perform the most intricate surgery (well, only if You’re a surgeon, but still). These sites offer a look at some of the more unusual ways people employ their hands.


This person has way too much time on his hands (literally), but the artwork is amazing and the sports poses look incredibly realistic, especially the soccer one.

Guido Daniele

Now these are truly amazing. Clearly, the artist is a talented individual, but his paintings make Photoshop manipulations pale in comparison. You can check out the artist at work on this Animal Planet video


Some beautiful and intricate henna designs for that special occasion.

Hand Puppetry by Raymond Crowe

This just goes to show that sometimes the most wonderful performances need only the simplest ingredients: in this case, a single light and a pair of hands. Watch for the rabbit scampering up a hill, about one minute in.

Amazing Hand Painting

Okay, so this performer isn’t painting on his hands, but It’s what he does with them That’s so incredible. This video is five minutes and 40 seconds that you’ll never get back, but you won’t want to: just be sure to wait until the very end when he spins the canvas.