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At Home:Study says Canada needs to Promote Bi-Lingualism
The Canadian Association of Public Schools ? International (CAPSI) has recently completed a study that concludes that Canada’s public schools are not doing enough to promote French classes as an option for either domestic or international students. For many international students, English is already a second language, but the survey reveals, as reported by the PIE News, that being able to learn French as a third language at the same time as the rest of their Canadian education is a strong selling point that has gone un-promoted by public schools.

Around the Globe: Rising Tuition pushes UK students to US.
The New York Times is reporting that the recent increases in tuition in the UK has been a benefit to institution in the US, as more students are looking overseas to getting their education. At the same time, institutions in the UK have found that the increase in tuition has also come with an increase in complaints about the institution itself. Complaints the universities have topped 20,000 last year, which is a record and an increase of over 10% since the tuition in the UK nearly tripled. It seems that when you charge exorbitant amounts, people start getting exorbitant expectations. Huh. Who’d have thought?

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