Click of the Wrist – Summer Safety

Saturday marks the first day of summer, and chances are you’ve already got plans to make this summer the best yet. But the key to great summer memories is often something people forget: safety. Click through these links and start planning for a happy, safe season.

In the Sun
You may be worried about harsh chemicals in sunscreen, but exposure to UV rays is a deadly solution. The Environmental Working Group’s 2014 guide to sunscreen safety makes recommendations on safe, environment-friendly sunscreens and moisturizers. You can have it both ways.

On the Water
Water safety’s not just for poor swimmers or for boaters far from shore. In Canada, cold water is often the killer; 60 per cent of Canadian drowning deaths occur in water That’s under 10 degrees C. The Cold Water Boot Camp gives the facts and offers tips for prevention?and for survival in case of an accident.

On the Grill
You want people to remember your barbecue or picnic for the fun, not the food poisoning. This PDF is a great go-to resource for information on preparing and serving food during the summer months, and includes information on everything from how long you can safely marinate your meat to the amount of time you can leave perishables out on a hot day.