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Canadian Education Proivders “vulnerable” to unregulated agent use.
The PIE News reports that while the use of recruiting agents for education is widespread across Canada, the more that an institution relies on these, the less robust their screening and training processes are, which can lead to these agents providing bad information to potential students, causing bad press and possibly even legal consequences. The study the report was based on goes further to say that institutions that depend on international students may be in a more vulnerable position.

Around the Globe: Taliban kidnaps 35 professors from Kandahar
University World News is reporting on the story about how 35 professors and 10 students were kidnapped by a Taliban-linked group while they travelled to Kabul on June 10. The kidnappers set fire to the bus and took the professors to an unknown location. Afghan law enforcement agencies and tribal elders have been unable to secure their release so far. Taliban spokesperson Qari Yousuf has said that he’s unaware of the kidnapping and would investigate the incident, but the Afghan administration believes the kidnappers “are armed anti-government militants” Reports indicate the professors were separated and an unconfirmed report quotes an Afghan official indicating 10 of the lecturers had been taken to Pakistan. It is unknown whether this kidnapping relates to the Taliban’s stance against western education, or is simply an attempt at ransom or prisoner exchange.