Click of the Wrist – Maple Leaf Forever

Maybe you’ll be proudly flying the Canadian flag this weekend, but how much do you know about its history and use? This week’s links will get you up to speed on your heritage:

Many Flags
Has it always been the maple leaf? No! In fact, Canada’s flown many flags before the one we know today. Check out this sampling for a quick history lesson.

Right and Wrong
Did you know that you should never fly a faded flag? That when the Canadian flag passes, you should face it respectfully? That there’s a particular size ratio that the flag must follow? This handy list of dos and don’ts will ensure proper flag etiquette.

Ask the People
Canada didn’t get its current flag until almost a century after it became a nation. But choosing a flag wasn’t that easy. This entertaining article showcases some of the rejected designs (including one featuring the Beatles!).

Flying the Digital Flag
If all this talk about flags has you feeling somewhat patriotic and you want something to put on your blog or a new avatar for your forum postings, a good place to start for a Canadian flag image is, appropriately enough, the Canadian Flag Clip-Art Gallery.

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