Convocation Interviews

At Convocation, AUSU’s intrepid staff sought out various graduates to get short interviews from them about their convocation and AU experience for the Voice. This week, we present the interviews from Graduates Rocco Addaboo and Annet Chu

What program did you graduate from?
Rocco: Graduated from Bachelor of Management

Annet: Master of Arts Integrated Studies – Cultural and Educational Studies

Did your faculty have any special programs in place for graduation? and if so did you attend them?
Rocco: Faculty of Business did have special programs but I did not attend due to prior commitments.

Annet: No, they didn’t.

Do you have any praise, complaints, and/or suggestions for improvement about convocation?
Rocco: I thought it was a very well planned and special day for all involved. Each and every individual at AU made me feel very good about graduating. I am very glad that I made the trip to convocation 2014.

Annet: It was well organized and I was very impressed with how professional it was. The shuttle service from Edmonton to Athabasca was a nice ride. The meals were good to have as well though I’d have preferred more vegetarian options.

Have you made use of the student union before convocation? (for advice, help with tutor or course issues, entering AUSU email contests)
Rocco: I reached out to AUSU once previously for a course issue and it was solved quickly. I did not enter any AUSU email contests.

Annet: No.

Have you utilized our member services and financial assistance? Rocco: I did not require financial assistance or utilize member services.

Annet: No.

Do have any praise, complaints, and/or suggestions for improvement for AUSU?
Rocco: AUSU definitely was very helpful as I organized my trip to Athabasca for convocation. Someone always returned my email promptly with the information I had requested regarding hotel and shuttle service. I appreciated the van shuttle from Edmonton to AU. Now that I have been there, I definitely was able to relax coming to AU, enjoy convocation and cherish time spent talking with other students and family that was on the shuttle with us. Even as convocation has come to a close I still am in contact with AUSU regarding website video access.

Annet: Nothing comes to mind.

What made you choose AU?
Rocco: I chose AU for the flexibility of taking courses on my time with no disruption to family and work life. I started out in a certificate program that I completed in 2006.

Annet: The online nature and flexibility of the courses

Do have any praise, complaints, and/or suggestions for improvement for AU?
Rocco: My only suggestion would be to ensure tutors be more flexible when a student requires help. There were a few classes in which it was difficult for a tutor to call back in a timely fashion and it only prolonged my course completion. Most course tutors were great and very helpful.

Annet: It’s good post-secondary that allows those who cannot leave their homes to study.

Lastly we would love to hear your reflections on your life as a distance student. The challenges you faced throughout your time with AU, how AU has helped pave your path to success, and if AU can continue to influence your path to success.
Rocco: Being an AU distance student required much dedication. It prepared me with time management skills and ensuring certain deadlines were met to ensure course completion. It was challenging to maintain the dedication throughout but my goal to graduate .. that was what kept me moving along to ensure that I completed my courses on time.

I started out at AU with a certificate in Computing and MIS. I just used that as a tool to motivate me to step higher and obtain that degree that I always wanted to complete. Now that I have reached that goal, I plan to take a short break and look into the MBA program.

I must admit watching all the MBA graduates at convocation made me think that perhaps that is my next challenge. I spoke with a few of them and they all suggested that I follow my dreams if that is what I want to do.

I also praise AU to anyone that I have come in contact with that has inquired. I can say truthfully that I have convinced 2 people to take courses at AU, both successful at finishing their courses in the past. I will continue to tell people about AU and the benefits that it provided me over the years during my studies.

Annet: The fact that the program is not cohort based allowed more flexibility.