Editorial – Hiatus Corpus

Just a reminder, this issue is going to have to last you two weeks, as I’ve been told that I’m required to take a vacation every once in a while by Alberta Law. Fortunately, for you and me, the week that I’ll be missing contains Canada Day, the Fourth of July, and, if You’re here in Calgary, the start of the Calgary Stampede. So this means I’ll at least get to see a whirl of fireworks, a parade or two, and William Shatner. If You’re not in Calgary, you’ll still get the fireworks, and maybe a parade, but probably no Shatner. Whether That’s a good thing or not I’ll leave up to you.

Of those, Canada Day is the one I most look forward to. I have an inordinate amount of gratitude about being Canadian, we’ve developed a society that shares the best out of a lot of worlds, and I think That’s something we should be proud of a little more often than one day a year. But at least for that one day each year, I get to get out and see a lot of other Canadians who feel the same as me. Do yourself a favour on Canada Day, don’t stay inside watching the show in Ottawa on the television. Record it and fast forward through it later so that you can skip some of the bad entertainment and worse speeches. Instead, spend the day getting out and picking up the energy of the day and the crowds at the various celebrations that are going to be going on, and get a better sense of the real Canadian pride that exists. And if You’re in Calgary, who knows, maybe we’ll say hello and never know it.

But if You’re not out celebrating, then at least you’ll have this issue of The Voice to keep you busy. This week, Barbara Lehtiniemi finishes up her article on getting the most out of the education you already have. Also, Wanda Waterman gets an interview with Michael Gauthier, a jazz guitarist who teaches at the University of McGill. If you like jazz at all, this is a definite must-read. And if you don’t think you like jazz, then you might want to go here, and see if you change your mind after listening to some of his music. At worst, you’ll find some music That’s great to have as background while You’re studying.

We also have the second part of our photo feature, and honestly, the staff sent so many interesting photos that once I get back, I’m going to do a third part to let everybody see some of the things that they didn’t see if they watched the convocation through the stream. For instance, did you know that at convocation, AUSU, the AUGSA, and a lot of the faculty associations have booths there with various AU merchandise? Or that AU sponsors a light lunch with lots of goodies and desserts? No? Well you’ll be able to see it in our July 11th edition. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of food porn now and then?

This week, we also have an interview with two of AU’s recent graduates. Read in their words what they found best and worst about their AU and convocation experiences. You can also celebrate Canada Day here with both the Writer’s Toolbox and the Click of the Wrist, looking at some of the things that make us Canadian, whether It’s our flag or our toques, or Tim-bits.

So until the 11th, have a great couple of weeks!