Editorial – Christmas in August

Last week I decided to play an early Santa Claus and hand out some goodies from The Voice Magazine through a contest in our reminder list. A lucky five subscribers were to receive some soon-to-be vintage Voice merchandise to help me clear out our shelves in preparation for a new Voice logo, and, of course, as a thank-you for being sharp-eyed readers of The Voice Magazine‘s reminder/subscription list. However, I was unable to do this.

“Why?” You might ask, “Why could you not give out five goodie bags of Voice stuff such as USB hubs, memory sticks, book bags, and book-lights, etc?” And the answer is because only three people thought it worth the time to send a simple e-mail.

What I take from this is that Voice readers are, as a whole, both too generous and too well-off to bother with such things, choosing instead to leave them for others. Also, that they are very considerate people who were concerned that too many entries might make the drawing for prizes difficult for me. And hopefully that they’re susceptible to flattery.

And while I certainly appreciate that consideration, as the drawing was definitely super-easy and all three entrants will be receiving a lovely pack of goodies, come on, people! Free stuff here! we’re supposed to be starving university students, right? If nothing else, the book bag makes a great re-usable shopping bag, and who can’t use an extra half-gig of USB memory stick for carrying your assignments around on?

So, I’ve decided I’m going to give people another chance at it. All you need to do, if you haven’t already, is sign up to our subscriber/reminder list, carefully read the bright and colorful e-mail you get from The Voice Magazine on Friday evenings, and find out how you too can enter for a grab-bag of goodies (unless you’ve already won one.) Your odds of winning depend on the number of entries received, of course, but consider that last time those odds turned out to be 100%.

Once You’re done the contest, you might as well check out some of the great stuff we have in The Voice Magazine this week. Our Featured Article is Barb Lehtiniemi’s look at some solid foundational courses that every student should consider taking, plus one that I, personally, recommend and think that the university itself should make a mandatory part of every degree program.

We also have The Study Dude who brings up some interesting research about whether AU’s move to e-texts is really something that the university should be doing, and S.D. Livingston, immediately below, taking a look at privacy concerns, and whether we’re worried too much, or perhaps too little, about our privacy as it stands.

In addition, we have our usual collection of informative, entertaining, and helpful articles, including a new Chazz Bravado comic, and an In Conversation That’s a bit of a feast for the eyes.

As always, enjoy the read!