Click of the Wrist – Build a Better Brain

September’s around the corner, which means back to school?and time to start warming up that brain so you can get the academic year off to a great start. Here are a few brain-building tips you might not have thought of. Napping? Walking? Music? Bring it on!

Walk to It
Going for a walk?or taking some kind of unfocussed downtime?can help your brain function better, according to engineering professor and speaker Barbara Oakley. In this podcast she explains this “diffuse mode” of learning, and how it can help your memory and analysis skills.

Close Your Eyes
You already know that getting enough sleep each night is essential to a health body?and a healthy brain. But short daytime naps can also boost your learning and memorization ability, according to studies from the University of California, Berkeley. In fact, an afternoon nap can be refreshing both psychologically and cognitively.

Take Up Violin
…or any instrument, that is. This TED-ED video shows exactly what happens in your brain when you play a musical instrument (and why it’s like a “full-body brain workout”). You may be inspired to revisit the saxophone or piano you stopped playing 20 years ago!