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At Home: Students Who Want Work not Welcome at Federal Gov?t
CBC News is reporting that, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has found that, since 2009, the hiring of summer students by the federal government has decreased by more than a third, and by almost a quarter during the regular academic year. This in spite of the federal government saying it wants to make it a priority to curb youth unemployment.

This is also raising concerns about how well the federal government will be able to handle normal attrition if fewer students are getting trained in the tasks needed to be done in government offices.

Around the Globe: Fremont Bans Textbook
Your Health Today, a textbook introduced in June to six high schools in Fremont, California, has been pulled from classrooms at the demand of over 2000 protestors for its “inappropriate” coverage of sex. The textbook, focussed on sex education, has anatomical drawings (entirely safe-for-work) which some parents are attacking as not necessary for these children.

The book also briefly mentions bondage as a game where restriction of movement or sensory deprivation is employed for sexual enjoyment, which readers should only do what they are comfortable doing. Many parents were particularly disturbed by this, and by how the book talks about masturbation.

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