Letter to the Editor – On “Free at Last?”

This is a very basic article that is only the tip of the iceberg with little historical data or much to the piece.

Although I commend the author for bringing this topic to readers attention it would serve a greater purpose to use the data here and discuss the similarities in the top 10 offending countries while delving deeper into the cultural fabric and reasons why these countries feel they have valid reasons for slavery because in the end the slave “owners” all feel they are serving some purpose.

I am familiar with these practices in India where children are enslaved and have to work in squalor. Some fundamental facts are lack of government funding in education, housing, social assistance, a lack of pensions, family structure that pushes girls into slavery because they are an expense to families that can’t afford a dowry. Cultural acceptance of slavery (one can see the laymen and how they treat servant children in establishments, the police turn a blind eye and all that oppose are threatened or corruption simply silences the neigh sayers)
Larger than simply saying there is slavery is to go deeper into WHY, as these children grow into adults and continue to be owned, bought and sold.

If we are going to discuss slavery these slaves deserve more than simply saying they exist. We need to understand the systems that bring slavery into the sphere of acceptance and question deeper the cultural malaise of at least the top 10 offending countries to better understand how to affect this terrible act in a very real way to bring about very real changes.

For the greatest change has to come from within and from there can we truly empathize and bring about serious and lasting change. My prayer is that at least some of the current slaves find a means to escape and go on to live a life that supports their highest dreams; if not to at least sleep, eat, dream and breathe in peace.

Blessings, Gaurang @ DestinationOM.com

Ed: Nothing to add except, “I agree.”

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