Click of the Wrist – Taking it Back

Great thinkers and writers have been known for the disaster zones in which they worked?or at least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves. But if your desk is such a mess that you don’t have any room to work, it’s time to tackle it before it destroys your productivity. Designate a few hours to ransack your workspace and pare down the clutter before the semester really gets into full swing.

Ask Tough Questions
Do you really need this? Is it useful? Will you use it in the next week? Asking questions?and making yourself answer them truthfully?is the first step in reclaiming your work area.

Change Your Point of View
If you know things are a mess but can’t quite determine the source of the problem, these tips may inspire you to look at your workspace through a different lens?literally. According to the article, videotaping your workspace and watching the result can be a true eye-opener.

Paper Problems
If paper is your main issue, these strategies will help you determine what you need to keep, what you can scan and toss, and what you should shred. For tips on organizing your paper files, be sure to read the rest of this four-part series (the links are at the end of the article).

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