Music Review – Meghann Wright

Meghann Wright

Album: Meghann Wright

Artist: Meghann Wright

Tough but tender, Meghann Wright’s unique blend of daring lyrics and stirring vocals, combined with unparalleled guitar playing, make this songstress one to watch for. Known for her expressive lyrics that capture the diverse emotions behind love and heartbreak, Meghann’s music is passionate and dynamic. After releasing her debut album in 2013, Meghann’s self-titled album is her second EP. Released in July, it is now available on iTunes.

Born to a family of talented musicians, Meghann ventured from her home, in the impoverished part of Hawaii, to New York City to bring her musical talents to an audience eager for something different. With an extraordinary sound, blending between Dolly Parton and Janis Joplin, Meghann has been compared to music legends like Sheryl Crow, Amy Winehouse, and Adele.

Today, Meghann lives and records her music in a small Brooklyn apartment, but she can still be found playing many different venues around New York City. An equally important passion of Meghann’s is supporting other unsigned female musicians in New York. This passion led to her creating The City & The Heart (link) in the winter of 2012. In 2013, with The City & The Heart, Meghann organized 14 showcases to raise money for a compilation album featuring over thirty female artists in New York City. Meghann’s work will help many other female musicians get the attention and exposure that they deserve.

Meghann’s self-titled album is short, with only three tracks, but this album gives the listener a taste of Meghann’s raw talent and is more of a teaser. However, fans would be excited to known that there is a full-length album in the works, although at this time there is no estimated release date.

The first track of the album, “can’t Carry Water,” resonates with a country-like sound, and at first I wasn’t impressed by the song. But as the song plays on, and Meghann’s voice grows increasingly emotional, I felt my heart begin flutter. Emotion pours from the sound, and it feels like the music has grabbed hold of your soul and refuses to let go until the song slowly ebbs to a subtle finish. Intrigued by this song, which I found myself loving despite my initial impression, I carried on to the second track.

The second track demonstrates not only Meghann’s diverse musical talent, but also that she is a genius at arranging an album. “Cocaine” is upbeat with lyrics that are brutally honest and vulgar, and is a refreshing break from the emotionally charged first track. Obviously, Meghann is very aware of her audience and doesn’t want them to delve into an emotional abyss and remain there. This song is the perfect example of adding uncensored lyrics to an energetic beat. The result is a song that sarcastically expresses the anger felt during a breakup, but is accompanied by a rhythm that makes you want to dance and toss your cares out the window.

The final song, “Left my Heart in Brooklyn,” ended the album in a bit of a fizzle. After the first two tracks, I was less than enthusiastic about this song. Once again it was great for Meghann to display her versatility as a musician, but the music lacks the lustre that the other songs possessed. Still, I enjoyed the poetic lyrics that brilliantly describe the gut-wrenching and heart-squeezing sadness felt when one is forced to be separated from their loved ones.

Overall, Meghann’s second EP gives listeners a taste of the wonderful music that she has to offer.