Editorial – Careers and Travel and Surveys, Oh My!

We’re coming up on the end of my first year here, and it seems things are starting to speed up. This week, we’ll have the start of a series of bi-weekly articles to provide distilled advice from various career help books. I think it’s an interesting article just because one of the pieces of advice it gives is to warn people away from attending Graduate school without careful consideration. With this being a newspaper for people who have already decided that at least some further education is in their best interest, I’m interested in what you might have to say about it.

And next week, I’ll have the first installment of a student who’s taking full advantage of the AU distance delivery model, as he plans to travel across the country and globe while taking his AU courses at the same time. Personally, this is the kind of thing I’d hoped we’d have eventually, as one of the most unique things about our post-secondary is that we don’t have to be anywhere in particular to accomplish it. It stands to reason to me that The Voice Magazine have something that celebrates that.

Beyond that, the survey is now fully complete and will be announced in the next AUSU newsletter. It is fairly long, but the contest prize, a new Samsung Galaxy S, 8.4″ tablet, makes it worth the doing, if you ask me. After all, you can’t win if you don’t enter, and you can only enter by completing the survey. Plus, I’ve also decided that I’ll add some Voice merchandise prizes to the mix. Just for a little added incentive for people. Even if you don’t get the big prize, anybody who helps out is still appreciated.

But don’t think you need to wait until the survey is out there to get your opinion to me. If there’s something you particularly like or don’t like in The Voice Magazine, feel free to write me at voice@voicemagazine.org. Compliments I’ll pass on to the article authors, because I know from experience how much motivation it can give a person as a writer just to find out that somebody out there is reading and enjoys what’s being written. If, for some strange reason, you have complaints? I’ll do my best to address them in one way or another. I know I’ll never be able to please everybody, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try anyway.

Getting back to this week, our feature article is on what the organization Mensa can provide to AU students, and when she mentioned that they have scholarships that haven’t been awarded because of a lack of applications, I knew it was something that AU students need to be aware of. Especially in light of the recent article in the CBC about how Alberta Post-Secondary institutions have the highest compulsory fees across the country. This is what happens when you cap tuition, but allow universities to establish completely unregulated and compulsory fees alongside those costs. It’s rather like passing laws against speeding but then refusing to put any police on the roads.

We also have the second part of our interview with The Honeyrunners, and the Mindful Bard looks at a movie that explores how some people get a head in the music industry?literally. Plus our usual assortment of advice, reviews, comics, and other things to keep you amused and informed. So enjoy the read!

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