From Where I Sit – Only So Far

When we were working without ceasing for what felt like a year I kept my spirits up imagining the holiday we would take. One of the possibilities that rattled around in my head included a quickie trip to Las Vegas. We haven’t been there for ages. The appeal is the typically short four days, three nights scenario. Unfortunately, the glory days of three hundred dollar trips for flight and hotel are but distant memories. Usually we talk ourselves out of the Vegas junket because of the math. Add a bit more and you’ve got a week at a Mexican all-inclusive we figure.

Another possibility is the January trip to Palm Springs with the kids. This time, however, the dynamic would change. By then Greg and Carrie will have a new baby (due late November) and Hilary will take a pass because she can’t afford it?starting a Master’s program this fall will suck up all her available time and money.

We didn’t commit to the two weeks in the large rental house because we felt that visiting the same city for the third time had a “been-there, done-that” feel. There are so many places we haven’t seen even once.

Speaking of new places, I’ve been talking about Portland, Oregon for a few years now. I understand the outlet shopping is great and, with the absence of a state sales tax, our bucks should go further. Apparently it’s got a great food scene as well. At about sixteen hours driving time it’s seems like a great road trip. We haven’t done that in years. There’s something appealing about hitting the open road with a map and a chunk of time. With Roy’s past experience as a US long haul truck driver this would be a breeze for him. No logbook to keep, no forty-eight foot trailer to load, haul, or unload. Taking the new Venza would have us traveling in style what with the power memory seats, keyless entry, navigation system, and thirteen (!) speakers.

Another potentially new adventure would be a cruise. We have friends who love the experience. The timing of an Alaskan cruise doesn’t jibe with farming so that isn’t likely to happen. A seven-day Caribbean cruise would either turn us into believers or get that dream off the table once and for all.

So in this limbo of cool rainy weather that has delayed the start of our harvest I’ve taken the next steps in turning wishful thinking into reality. A trip to a travel agent netted a stack of cruise guides. The Saturday travel section in the Edmonton Journal gets a more thorough look-see. I even Googled Trivago to see if it’s the cat’s meow for finding a hotel room.

Now I just need to ensure that we don’t talk ourselves out of taking this well-earned break. Because planning and anticipation only goes so far, from where I sit.

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