Music Review – Dull Days

Album: Dull Days

Artist: Sleepy Hahas

Sleepy Hahas? latest album, Dull Days, will mesmerize you. The band’s sound is a melding of the typical garage-band sound with a generous splash of psychedelic sound added for flare. For fans of David Bowie and The White Stripes, Sleepy Hahas have taken the well-known psychedelic rock genre and added powerful vocals and strong lyrics to create an abstract sound that is refreshingly unique.

Sleepy Hahas was formed in 2011 by Pat Butler and Phil Shore. Lifelong friends from Buffalo, New York, the duo was joined by Nico Kelly and Steve Tripi in 2012. The four extraordinarily talented musicians have released two EPs and two full length LPs, a major accomplishment in only a couple of years.

Dull Days is a live to tape recording that was put together by Paul Hamann (of Sumo Recording Studio in Cleveland, OH) who is known for his work with bands like The Black Keys and Ben Folds. Being their first full-length album, Dull Days captures the best songs and showcases their talents as musicians.

The title track “Dull Days” opens with strong drums and guitar playing. The vocals are a wonderful tribute to garage bands everywhere, and the song is a great introduction to the band’s strengths.

“Red Eyes, Red Skies” is by far my favourite song on this album. The psychedelic vocals and guitar are entrancing, with the strong rhythm and bass rounding out the sound perfectly. However, it is the chorus that strikes me. The piano that emerges in the chorus lends an earthy yet surreal feeling to this song that gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

The influence of The White Stripes can be heard in the song “Little Girl.” The wailing guitar and fierce vocals capture the ears, and for lovers of this style of rock, energize the soul. Yet, the band is not done with showing off their versatility.

The piano in “Girl Johnny Cash” blew me away. The song is melodious and soothing, and the blues inspired vocals accompanied with electric guitar is a work of genius. It’s with this song that they truly demonstrates their talents.

Further along in the album, the listener is greeted with the powerful rock sound of the song “Bolero del Fuego.” The lyrics are energetic and poetic, and remind me of David Bowie’s songs from the 70s.

Honestly, I could talk about every single song on this album, because each song is truly unique, and those that listen to this album will continuously find something new in each song. Sleepy Hahas has already recorded their second full length album, From the Bottom of a Warm Lake, and I am eager to listen to it. If you are looking for an album that you can listen to while studying, relaxing, or even hanging out with friends, Sleepy Hahas’s Dull Days is perfect.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.