Click of the Wrist – A Different Kind of Need

During this weekend’s Thanksgiving festivities, we’re encouraged to be generous to those in financial need. But there’s a different kind of need that often goes unmet: support for those dealing with mental illness, whether in themselves or in loved ones. This past week the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health ran its Mental Illness Awareness Week campaign, coinciding with the World Federation of Mental Health’s World Mental Health Day (October 10). Click through these links to get a better understanding of mental illness and how it affects those around you.

Just the Facts
Did you know that over 18 per cent of US adults are coping with an anxiety-related disorder? That over one-quarter of homeless adults in the US suffer from mental illness? The stats are eye-opening?and will inspire you to get educated and spread awareness.

Faces of Mental Illness
What does mental illness look like? These profiles, part of the Faces of Mental Illness campaign, show people who have been diagnosed with mental illness yet live normal, productive lives by managing their mental illness and surrounding themselves with solid support systems.

Giving Support
If you know or suspect that a loved one is depressed, what should you do? Using the “black dog” analogy, the WHO’s video “Living With a Black Dog” gives basic advice for caregivers, friends, and all those who want to support friends and family who are struggling with depression.

The College Connection
College and university are already challenging enough. This guide, published by the Canadian Mental Health Association, contains a wealth of resources to help those dealing with depression and mental illness pursue their educational goals.

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