Student Sizzle! – Following Social Media

What’s Hot around AU’s Social Media.

AUSU Student Forums
In the Welcome and Introductions Forum, overseas student Kiran reaches out to BMgmt or other degree students. Over at the French Speaking Forum, beginning French student “pbandnutella” is searching for other new French students who want to chat and practice la belle langue. Other topics include staying focused, the AU IT Help Desk, and course chat on PSYC 289 and WGST 400.

AthaU Facebook Group
Xtina is down to her final nine courses and looking for recommendations on “easy courses with no exams.” Suggestions include PSYC 345, EDUC 301, and a slew of CMNS courses. Other postings include online exam procedure, Mac users, and courses CMNS 423, HRMT 323, IDRL 312, and PSYC 289.

@AUAnnounce tweets about AU’s new learning design showcase series, which continues through November 5.
@AthabascaU posts a link to a Science 2.0 article, featuring an AU astronomy prof, on the discovery of OL339, earth’s new quasi-moon.