Click of the Wrist – Behind a Mask

This Halloween, thousands of partiers and trick-or-treaters will don masks to portray their favourite heroes and villains. But a bit of makeup can accomplish the same thing?and when It’s taken to the limit, the result can be so good It’s scary. This week’s links showcase some incredibly talented work.

The Painting Lady
Monstrously good? The Painting Lady?a self-taught British professional face painter?brings a horror dimension to her artwork. Check out the frightening photos at the Guardian, and visit her Facebook page for more.

She is the Man
Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis transforms her face into the image of male celebrities and film characters. Sylvester Stallone as Rambo? Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather? Some of her impressions are eerily accurate.

Special effects aren’t just the realm of CGI?talented makeup artists can transform reality, and no virtual anything about it. Click through these shots of makeup FX from some of your favourite films and shows, including The Walking Dead.