Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

Following what’s hot around AU’s social media sites.

AUSU Student Forums
Student Rajdeep of BC posts info about an AU study group she is trying to start in the Vancouver area and worldwide online. Other topics include advice about contacting Tutor Services.

AthaU Facebook Group
Ryan posts his reflections on the call centre. Emily seeks advice on the PHIL 335 exam. And Renee looks for interest in a Red Deer study group.
Other postings include the PSYC 290 final, fire drills during exams, and courses BIOL 235, GEOL 313 and PSYC 350,

@AthabascaU tweets: Great article about AU Press! Did you know AU Press is the first open access university press in North America!
@AthabascaU also tweets about their interview with Peter MacKinnon, AU’s Interim President, available on Youtube: