Click of the Wrist – X Marks the Spot

On November 8, 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-ray?revolutionizing medicine and unknowingly giving elementary schools a go-to image for the most underused letter of the alphabet. Celebrate the X-ray this week by taking a closer look at what lies beneath.

Pics Or It Didnt Happen
Accidents will happen, and X-rays make it possible to save the victim and minimize the damage. This slideshow of X-rays shows objects lodged in places objects don’t belong?the brain, the eyes, the stomach?as well as severed limbs and other horrific accidents. Fascinating, but definitely not for the squeamish.

Under the Skin
We’re all familiar with how a human skeleton looks. But have you ever seen your favourite animals under their skin, fur, or feathers? These X-ray images are overlaid with the shadowy outlines of the real animals, so it’s easy to see how well they match inside and out. Some may surprise you!

Beyond the Body
Innovative artists are using X-ray technology to expose the hidden beauty within ordinary objects like shoes, as well as full-sized vehicles like tractors. This TEDtalks video showcases a few gems as the artist explains his process.

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