Editorial – Getting Back to Normal

The last couple of issues have seen my editorials taken over by unexpected developments, which means that some of the things I’ve been wanting to talk about have necessarily been set to the side. This week, I’d like to get back to at least one of them, and that’s to announce the winners from The Voice Survey. The survey itself had a decent level of response, and, at first glance, a lot of good comments in it. It’s going to take me some time to go through the entire thing to try to get any information out of it, but one thing I did pick out right away is that Voice Readers want more information about what’s going on at AU and AUSU, as well as seeing some solid course reviews. I’ve got a few irons in the fire on those issues, and I’m hopeful that one or more of them will play out.

It also appears that most Voice readers would prefer to get their political commentary from somewhere other than The Voice Magazine, and, surprisingly to me, that the majority of you have little interest in any sort of sports or gaming coverage. Sadly, for me, the idea of the Voice Magazine starting up some sort of accompanying podcast goes over like a lead balloon. Personally, that was one initiative I was hoping would see some support as I have dreams of AUSU one day hosting some sort of internet-based AU radio station not unlike CJSW or CKUA here in Alberta, and was looking at a podcast as a first step. Still, the people have spoken?but don’t think I won’t ask again next year.

Getting back to the survey, the lucky winner of the Samsung tablet computer was one L. Barnett from Lively, Ontario, who mentioned that it’ll be a great thing to keep the kids and partner amused while they’re travelling across the country this winter season. As well, a package of vintage Voice Merchandise has been sent to each of the five runners up. And once again, I want to put my thanks out to everybody who filled out the survey. It’s a big help to me in determining where my efforts would be best spent in making sure we have a magazine that matches up with what you, the students, want to see from it.

This week, our writers have put together an issue that seems to concentrate on how our personal viewpoint affects our lives. From Primal Numbers looking at the science of how just changing your surroundings can have positive effects on your health, to our feature article from Barb Lehtiniemi, who looks at how events out of our control, such as those that effect our health, can change how we see our surroundings?and what we can do about it.

We also have The Study Dude who explores how our biases can impede critical thinking unless we take deliberate action to counter them, and Hazel Anaka explores how simply being open to be taught can lead to the discovery of teachers and guides to life all around us.

Plus, we have a selection of music and film reviews, Chazz Bravado pontificates on the competitive spirit, and Barb Godin has a couple of people with large secrets looking for advice on whether they need to be kept.

Enjoy the read!

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