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AUSU Student Forums
In General Student Chat, Dea questions how to deal with one bad course mark That’s dragging her GPA down. In the same forum, “peaceandgeek” wonders if anyone has had success with AUSU’s Study Buddy listing.
Other topics include an online study group using Skype, and course HADM 369.

AthaU Facebook Group
Casey posts about supplemental exams, wondering how much they differ from the original exam. Kristin inquires how long she should expect to wait for a mark from an online exam?and shortly after posts that her mark is in already!
Other postings include ASA style, requesting lab kits, and courses CHEM 217, HSRV 421, MATH 265, and ORGB 327,

@AthabascaU tweets about the new app for testing accounting skills, The Accounted. In another tweet, @AthabascaU reminds students that AU has over 850 courses and monthly start dates. Students have until November 10 to register for a December 1 course start date.

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