Click of the Wrist – Recycle This!

November 15 is America Recycles Day, but the green activity shouldn’t be limited to our neighbours to the south. These Canada-friendly resources will help you figure out what you need to do to help reduce waste by recycling wherever possible.

Thumbs Up
What can you recycle? What needs to be disposed of in the trash? What’s hazardous waste and must be brought to a special facility? This recycling guide answers frequently asked questions about a wide variety of products and materials. For a rundown on the various types of plastics, check out this guide as well.

Drop It Off
What are you trying to recycle? Where you do you live? Plug the information into Earth911?or use the Quick Search?and you’ll get plenty of options for recycling everything from button-cell batteries to Christmas trees.

Time to Recharge
Since it began over a decade ago, Call2Recyle has recycled over 7.8 million kg of batteries. After you watch the short orientation video, click through their site for more information on recycling the various types of batteries you have in your home. Drop-off (including locations across Canada) is completely free and is sponsored by hundreds of retailers and technology manufacturers.