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At Home: Distance Learning for K-12
Probably the first experience most of us had with distance learning was as university students when we entered our first AU course. However, for some 4000 elementary to high-school students in Saskatchewan, that isn’t the case.

Global News is reporting a story about a rural Saskatchewan school that has embraced distance learning. The Kenaston school is being called the Distance Education Hub of Saskatchewan. From world travellers to moto-cross racers, these students are taking full advantage of the flexibility distance education(DE) provides, which can only mean good things for the increased acceptance and acknowledgement of DE as a valuable piece of the education puzzle.

Around the Globe: Take a Free Course for a Chance at a Scholarship
The PIE News is reporting that the University of Southampton is offering a small number of scholarships to students who complete more than half of the course steps in the free, four-week Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) “Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching”. The scholarships will cover the first year of fees for the university’s two and half year online MA in English Language Teaching. Awards will be given out in January for courses beginning in November 2015.