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AUSU Student Forums
In the Business and Administration forum, “8897430” seeks guidance on preparing for the ACCT 355 final exam. Don responds with some exam tips.

AthaU Facebook Group
Maria wonders if there’s any flexibility in the specification that requires her to achieve a minimum 50% on the final exam in order to pass a course. Michelle posts that she needs some clarification for the 3rd assignment for HSRV/WGST 421.
Other postings include 3750-word essays, and courses BIOL 235, EDUC 315, HRMT 326, INST 301, and NUTR 331,

@AthabascaU tweets a link to this Globe and Mail article about online learning, featuring AUSU Student Council President Jason Nixon.
@AthabascaU also tweets “Congrats to our very own Dr. Beth Perry for receiving the CASN award for Excellence in Nursing Education!” Link to award info here.