Music Review – Bluebird

Album: Bluebird

Artist: Kalen & The Sky Thieves

Sometimes we all need music that we can just sit back, listen to, and sink into the sounds and rhythms as they gently roll over us. Bluebird by Kalen & The Sky Thieves is full of music that will wash away all the stressors of the day.

Formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York, Kalen & The Sky Thieves create music that emanates from the heart. Inspired by bands like The Doors, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Pat Benatar, they are best described as a blend between moody rock and roll and psychedelic rock?with a dash of jazz and a pinch of folk. The lyrics speak of love, loss, and the human soul, and the music flows from the emotion in every word.

Each song on this album has something different to offer. “Mother Time” is true to its rock and roll roots with gripping guitar and roaring soul-filled lyrics. For fans of slightly harder rock, this song will hit the spot.

“Moon of May” offers a more of an electronic feel, reminding me of The Eurythmics’s music of the late 90s. This song is at the opposite end of the music spectrum from the previous track. The singing is soft, sensual, and flows like gentle waves on a sandy beach on a cloudy day. The rolling drums and muted bass foretell of the coming storm somewhere over the horizon.

Back to a grittier rock sound, the song “Never Ending Winter” is bold, brash, and unforgiving. The classic rock and roll sound combined with a funk rhythm creates an empowering song, and the singer takes full advantage of the music, moving from female rock vocals to softer folk vocals throughout the song.

If I had to pick a favourite song on this album it would be the title track “Bluebird.” The singing is jazz, rock, and blues all in one, with a touch of a whispered promise in the ear. The grinding electric guitar is cocky and brash, but at the same time sensual. The song is the perfect demonstration of this band’s diverse musical talent. It begins with jazz infused rock and by the end of the song the rock and roll is loud and in your face. This song reminds me of music from No Doubt and Garbage in the way the sound transforms gradually throughout the song.

Overall, Bluebird is an excellent album to listen to at any time, but especially when you need music that will pick you up and stay with you through the good and bad times. This album is available on iTunes, and be sure to check out the band’s other music on their website.

Samantha Stevens is an aspiring writer who loves combining her love for literature with photography, painting, music, and all creative pursuits.

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