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– Dec 24: Last day AU & AUSU open before winter break
– Dec 25 ? Jan 4: AU & AUSU closed for winter break
– Jan 5: AU & AUSU reopen
– Jan 9: Last business day to register for courses starting February 1
– Jan 14: AUSU Council Meeting
– Jan 30: Last business day to extend courses ending February 28

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This is a great place to find out what the AU experience is like for others; share study tips; find out what others think about a course; get support when things get rough; and engage in discussion on an endless variety of topics.

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Group Name: AU – Bachelor of Commerce
Where: Facebook
Members: 171
About: Members are typically B.Comm students or students taking business courses. The members of the group typically discuss their views and tips on courses.
Activity: Active several times a week but not daily.

Great AU Finds Online
Counselling Assessments — Am I Ready for studies in …? Counselling Assessments ? A series of review modules to test your skill in a variety of subjects (currently there are assessments for English, math, chemistry, Microsoft Access, and computing science). Use these to determine if you need to brush up on a subject before diving in to a course, or just for fun. Also, Mapping Your Future helps you choose an occupation.

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Master Office 2013
Microsoft Office products are needed for almost every AU course. Mastery of these products is not only beneficial to your schooling, but also for many jobs. Although using the most basic functions of Word and Excel is almost intuitive, there are so many other functions that that can help you put out superior work. Take the time to get to know your tools. Use
– Office 2013 New Features
– Excel 2013 Essential Training
– Word 2013 Essential Training
– Outlook 2013 Essential Training
– PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training
– Up and Running with Office 365
– Up and Running with Lync Online

Courses: 7
Duration: 24h 8m
Skill Level: Beginner

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