Click of the Wrist – Holiday Cards

Whether or not you still keep the tradition of mailing out holiday cards, family newsletters, or other bundles of good news and good cheer, these links make the perfect accompaniment to a cold winter’s afternoon and a mug of hot cocoa.

Special Delivery
Worried about sending out the cards on time this year? At least they won’t be 71 years late, like this batch of cards German soldiers sent home during their occupation of Jersey, UK. Or tried to send home; the cards were stolen from the post office by some teens (who eventually turned in the stolen mail decades later).

Getting Crafty
If you want to try your hand at homemade this year, BuzzFeed’s list of 49 DIY cards?ranging from simple cutting and pasting or finger-painting to embroidering and machine stitching?are a great starting point. If You’re really feeling ambitious, check out this pop-up star card tutorial.

Be Prepared
Waiting until the last minute to ship a package? Canada Post’s holiday page has all the dates and information you need to make sure your mail reaches its destination before the holiday break.